The end of Farmers Market 1.0

Farmers Market started out as a way to explore and consider different ranking methods of the Chia Friends collection. Over the past 6 months it has quickly grown into a tool used by thousands of NFT collectors each week to discover hundreds of NFT projects on the Chia blockchain.
Thank you all for your support!

See why Chia NFTs are the new standard for the ecosystem -

However, there are a lot of features on the backlog that I have wanted to build but have not been able to due to constraints in the current iteration of the site. I have decided to rebuild the site from the ground up as a more full featured tool for NFT traders, collectors, and creators alike. Hence, I will no longer be adding new collections to Farmers Market.

Rest assured, Farmers Market isn’t going anywhere and you can continue using the site as is.

Announcing Farmers Market 2.0

More information about Farmers Market 2.0 will be announced when ready. Currently there is no roadmap or timeline to share but follow @FarmersArt for updates.

Where should I go to look at new collections?

Although this site will continue to be available, new collections will not be added. I encourage creators and collectors to check out MintGarden with recently added support for OpenRarity rankings.

What about the collections already in the queue?

No new collections will be added to the queue but I will work through the existing queue slowly over time.

What if I need to make an update to an existing collection?

Reach out and I can make minor updates and changes as needed.