AIncient Gems

AIncient Gems is a Collection of Gemstones with a secret. Get ready to solve the mysteries around this beautiful Gems

Alpha Kittens

Oodles of super cute kitten will brighten just about anyone’s day.

Anti Dogg

Anti Dogg are the antithesis of Balldog, a resistance group formed by a group of dogs who oppose the existence of Balldog.


Hand-drawn NFTs from the chia community.


A collection of unknown creatures with big ears that came to us from time. They are very smart and loyal. Try to befriend them and get a friend and a guard.


Collection of Christmas Bunnies on the Chia network. Each Bunny will protect and increase your wallet throughout the year of the Rabbit.

Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey, the first NFT in our Character collection. A Self gifting NFT that gifts you Monkeyzoo token, just hold it in your wallet and await your gifts...

Chia Leaf

The Chia Leaf collection, exclusively on the Chia Blockchain. Hand drawn traits, no leaf the same as the next.

Chia Ox

Chia Ox is a brand-new collection of NFTS minted on the Chia Blockchain. We used many hand draw traits to give the collection a unique fun look. Some NFTs ar...

Chia Plots

Pulling back the curtain on the Chia blockchain to reveal just a handful of the countless plots securing the chain.

Chia Punks

Each of these 167 ChiaPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined art.

Chia World Flags

Flags of the World, ordered by population, on the Chia blockchain.


1,000 ChiREX ready to RAGE on the Chia Blockchain

ChiREX Legends

Limited Legendary ChiREX ready to RAGE on the Chia Blockchain!


A collection of creatures for everyone on the Chia Blockchain!

Chunks - Chia Punks

The Chunks NFT is a collection of 12,000 NFTs on the Chia blockchain inspired by the CryptoPhunks on Ethereum.

Crazy Cats

We’re just a bunch of Crazy Stray Cats that have come together. We love dressing up, chasing balloons and hiding in paper bags. You could say basically we en...

Crew of Eight

Crew of Eight (CO8) is a collection of 2,178 NFTs, built on the Chia blockchain.

Egg Heads

1000 Eggs Heads. Please treat with care - Very Fragile.

Freaky Poodles

Welcome to the Freaky Poodles NFT collection on the Chia blockchain.

Freckle Girls

Furike is every girl, every independent and confident girl.

Green Days

Green Days is an aesthetic tool in the Chia ecosystem that reminds us of the importance of ALL farmers in our lives. 7 different vegetables for 7 days of the...

Hardi Bois

A collection of images featuring hard drives with personalities.

Harry Plotter

The Harry Plotter is one of the first NFT projects built on the Chia blockchain. The collection contains +500 uniquely hand drawn profile pictures of Harry P...


HexPals are quirky friends with utility that does not disappoint!

Incredible Stars

The Incredible stars is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles card NFTs on the Chia blockchain.

Makers Mead Bottle

The Makers Mead Bottle NFT collection consists of 1,000 NFTs. Each NFT represents a 500x500 pixel, hybrid NPR (Non Photorealistic Render) image, which vary i...


Million’$ are small green, blue, purple, yellow, pill capsule shaped creatures with round gray glasses.

MOAR: Cyberpunk

MOAR: Cyberpunk is a Collection of Cyberpunk themed profile pictures.

Mojo Hippies

Mojo Hippies mirror the Chia community, all about peace, love, and good vibes!


The first ever Monkeyzoo NFTs. A Monkeyzoo special edition to commemorate the launch of NFT1 launching on the Chia blockchain.


The Mood are a collection of 100+ unique 1/1 NFTs various facial expressions each with eyes and a mouth in doodle style that live on the Chia Blockchain. Wha...

Moon Howlers

A collection of 10,000 PFPs for Chia lovers. All unique and not in the ETH moon runner collection. Free mint. No roadmap. CC0.

NANDy Crew

A collection of images featuring Solid State Drives with personalities.



Space Alien 777

A Collection of 777 Space Alien NFTs Minted on the Chia Blockchain.

Space Dogs

A collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that features a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits.

Space Time Cats

A Collection of 121 Limited Edition Space Time Cats NFTs Minted on the Chia Blockchain.

Stellars of Belheren

Embark with us in a great journey of battle, honor and glory, and make Belheren proud.


10000 degenerate stickmen nfts.

Ultimate Farmers Club

The Ultimate Farmers Club (UFC) is one of the first NFT projects built on the Chia blockchain. The genesis collection contains 250 uniquely hand drawn profil...

Wade Panda

2000 distinctive WadePanda. Holders of WadePanda enjoy access to the Panda Club.


The Zoolander Animals are a collection of 100 unique 1/1 NFTs animal characters that live on the Chia Blockchain.