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Rankings Explained

Note: Rankings should not be taken as financial advice. Consider these rankings as fun trivia about a collection as opposed to a recommendation to acquire (or not acquire) a particular NFT.

What are rankings?

See this Medium article from for a great explanation of rarity and different ways of calculating it. Farmers Market displays different types of rankings for each project, namely:

  • Creator defined rankings
  • Rankings based on metadata traits (not necessarily related to rarity)
  • Statistical rarity
  • Rarity Score
  • Combination of above

How are rankings calculated?

Although rarity is an objective measure (based on either theoretical or empirical trait probabilities), there will always be subjectivity in how it’s calculated. For example, should mutually exclusive traits be combined? Should traits that don’t affect the visual representation of the NFT be included? Should all traits be weighted equally or should more visible ones be weighted more? If so, how much more?

General heuristics for ranking calculations done by Farmers Market include:

  • Only clearly visible traits are considered.
  • All traits are weighted equally.
  • Some metadata may be manually “fixed” if it didn’t affect the visuals
    Example: Grouping trait values “unknownRPM” and “unknowRPM” together since the resulting visual is identical.
  • Traits may be grouped if they are mutually exclusive
    Example: If an NFT cannot have both a “helmet” and a “hair” trait, this may be grouped into one trait.
  • The ranking should be roughly reproducible given reasonable assumptions above, and including any unique properties of the collection (e.g. unique hand designed NFTs added outside of the random generation process).

If a creator has supplied a ranking list, that will be used and indicated as such.

Will rankings change over time?

Yes but unlikely. Rankings are primarily based on the collection metadata which cannot change over time. However rankings may be updated as new information comes to light, like if it is discovered that some NFTs were uniquely designed or if there was a mistake or improvement identified in the trait probability calculations in applying the heuristics above.

Additional types of rankings may be added in the future.

Are rare NFTs worth more?

Not necessarily. Rarity (or rankings) is not the same as desirability although there may be correlation. For example in the Hardi Bois collection, some traits like a epwt fractal background and antlers may be popular in the community, so an NFT containing both of these can be highly desirable though the combinations of individual traits are not particularly rare.

Another example is an NFT with 5 uncommon traits could be mathematically rarer than an NFT with 4 common traits and 1 super rare trait and thus have a higher rarity rank. If that super rare trait is highly visible in the image and desirable in the community, the lower rank NFT could command a higher value on secondary markets.

At the end of the day, art is subjective. So I'd say just get what you like.

Will you publish a desirability ranking?

Maybe one day. As more sales data becomes available over time I plan on doing analyses on larger projects to dissect which traits are the most popular and maybe even look at a predictive model for NFT and trait value.

NFT Collections Listings

How do I get listed on Farmers Market?

Farmers Market is no longer listing new collections. Read more.

What projects are in the queue?

Not necessarily listed in order.

  • Chia Friends
  • Space Marmots
  • Chia Whales
  • Hardi Bois
  • Space RatZ Gen 1
  • Chia Reapers
  • WadePanda
  • Chia Ghosts
  • NANDy Crew
  • Space Alien 777
  • Chia Flags
  • City Illusions
  • Brave Seedling
  • ChiChiverse
  • Chreatures
  • Okra Folk
  • Powerful Pickles
  • The 300: The Mighty Marmot Massacre
  • The 300: Spartal Pixels
  • Quirky Giraffes
  • ChiaFarmers
  • Fools Gold
  • Space Time Cats
  • MOAR: Cyberpunk
  • Valentine: Cosmic Love
  • Chia Slimes
  • FF Art
  • AIncient Gems
  • The 300: The Persian Horde
  • Farmers of the Marmot Kingdom
  • Marmot Kingdom - First Edition
  • NFT1 Special Edition
  • Moon howlers
  • Incredible stars
  • Chamster
  • Dragon Lords: Cyberpunk
  • Stixch
  • Chia Leaf
  • Stellars of Belheren
  • Chia Punks
  • Steam Gents
  • TinyTardigradesClub
  • Chia Mounts
  • Freaky Poodles
  • Freckle Girls
  • BattleKats
  • Singleton Souls
  • Fantastic Seedlings
  • City Renderer
  • AI Bots
  • Chia Alien
  • Chia Plots
  • Balldogg
  • Antidogg
  • Mojo Hippies
  • SpaceRatz Gen 2
  • Zoolander
  • Uber Immortals
  • Makers Mead Bottle
  • Lil Marmot Billionaires
  • Space Dogs
  • HexPals
  • Ultimate Farmers Club
  • ChiREX
  • Rilawa
  • Egg Heads
  • Chia Leaf Horrors
  • Seasons Home
  • Scarecrow
  • Nenchimask
  • Matryoshmonster
  • Zomb Buddies
  • Million’$
  • Mood
  • Harry Plotter
  • Alpha Kittens
  • Green Days
  • Alpha Gooses
  • Chia Monks
  • Quirky Giraffes L Edition
  • BIG_EARs
  • Souls of the Forest
  • Chia Ox
  • ChiREX Legends
  • Crew of Eight
  • Crazy Cats
  • Chia Leaf Homage
  • The Retrogrades
  • Chunks Chia Punks
  • Mojo Farmers
  • Proof of Treasure
  • Quirky Pixel Giraffes
  • Snowflakes
  • Petard Girl
  • Maple Girl
  • Chia Ox Gifs
  • The Neighborhood
  • Chia Bots
  • Chia Space Apes
  • Flower kaleidoscope
  • Astrobots
  • Monkeyzoo Festive collection
  • Mystical Marmots
  • 2022
  • Gem Girl
  • Santa Friends
  • Dex is Duck
  • Battle Dawgs
  • Rorscach’s by Cayden
  • Bored Whales
  • ChipsVerte
  • Little Hands! Chia
  • ChiaKongZ
  • Terabats
  • Chia CHEFs
  • Duck Friends
  • Book of III
  • Future Cow
  • Dex is Skull
  • Lil Devil Monkey
  • TimeTravelers
  • God of Crypto
  • ChiREX Reborn
  • Mojo Maxi
  • Bullbear
  • Valentina
  • Terra-Cotta Warriors
  • Caesars Reptilian Army
  • Finger Dudes
  • KATS
  • Chia Elephants

About Farmers Market

Upcoming site features

Not necessarily listed in order. If you have ideas to make this site more usable, reach out to me @SlowestTimelord on Twitter.

  • More intelligent sorting (ignoring blanks, dates tec.)
  • Add dexie outgoing links
  • Use lowest sale price instead of latest sale price (for NFTs with duplicate offers)
  • Have completed sales data be real-time instead of updated daily
  • Add more # of page options (500, 1000)
  • Used cached and verified images for improved loading times
  • Refactor to make site scalable and faster to onboard more collections
  • Add legend for rank colors
  • Add information about how rankings were calculated
  • MintGarden API integration for full “completed offers” data
  • Add sales offer date to find most recent listings
  • Add multiselect search instead of free search box (useful to know what to search for)
  • Remember last search state upon refresh (and add reset & reload button)
  • Add trait ranking percentages. Click traits to filter.
  • Add more NFT metadata in expanded view (NFT ID)
  • Add sales from buy offers
  • Display buy offers
  • Multiple rarity score options (statistical rarity, trait rarity, rarity score etc.)
  • Display owner DID information
  • Achievements and Badges
  • Add collection and creator metadata (collection id, DID, creator socials)
  • Add sharable links for a search query
  • Historic price data and charts
  • Allow setting “favorites” to remember your NFTs
  • Project health metrics (activity, velocity, volume etc.)
  • Allow verified NFT owners to name their own NFT (only visible on FarmersMarket)
  • Collection page with more details
  • Refreshed DID profile names and images


Farmers Market was created by me, Jon. I also created and

Special thanks to dexie, MintGarden, and for their APIs that power this site.